American Jewish Leader urges King Mohammed VI to “stop” controversial anti-Israeli…

first_imgCasablanca- A global Jewish human rights organization addressed a letter to king Mohamed VI urging him stop a draft law that seeks to criminalize normalized relations with Israel.The draft law aims to strengthen the legal arsenal against “trade”, “financial”, “banking” and “insurance operations” with Israel. A restriction would also be placed on “the participation of Moroccans, both those residing in the Kingdom or in Israel, in activities held in the Jewish state. According to the draft law, which was presented by five parliamentary groups, the presence of Israelis in Morocco would be strictly prohibited, and would be deemed an “offense” punishable by “two to five years of imprisonment and a fine between MAD 100,000 and MAD 1 million.”Dr. Shimon Samuels, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre’s Director for International Relations, sent the letter to King Mohammed VI during his visit to the United States. In his letter, Dr. Shimon raised alarm about risks posed by the law on Morocco’s image as a country of tolerance best known for its warm ties with Jewish community around the world: “in your absence, various groups in your Parliament plan to damage Morocco’s reputation for tolerance, its standing as a Western ally and its long history of warm ties with the Moroccan Jewish Diaspora in the United States, Europe and Israel.”He recalled Morocco’s welcome of the Jews in the fifteenth century when they were expelled from Spain, along with the Muslims, and sought refuge in the country: “in 1492, your dynasty welcomed Muslim refugees, together with their Jewish neighbors, both expelled from Christian fundamentalist Spain. These Jewish immigrants contributed greatly to Morocco’s prosperity, just as their departure resulted in a sharp decline in Spanish power”.He also recalled that King Mohamed V, the grandfather of the current king, protected the Jews from the Nazi during the tough times of the second world war, highlighting that “over 250,000 of your former subjects still recall with affection the World War II protection they enjoyed from your grandfather, King Mohammed, in the face of the anti-Semitic laws of the Vichy-France administration. Thousands of Jews, most of them Israeli, now annually visit Morocco as tourists, pilgrims to Jewish grave-sites or business and cultural delegations.”The SWC’s director went on to explain the content of  the draft law when he said,“ Your Majesty, behind your back, a number of political parties aim to ram through Parliament a law, entitled ‘Criminalizing Normalization with the Israeli Entity.’ The law intends to prohibit all participation in activities of Moroccan citizens and residents in which Israelis or Israeli organizations are involved, with punishments of 2 to 5 years imprisonment plus fines of 10,000 to 100,000 euros. The relations to be penalized are listed as ‘economic, political, cultural, artistic or other contacts’”He also indicated the impact the draft bill could have, if approved, on the Moroccan economy and it image at the global level: “this law would not only endanger the Jews remaining in Morocco, it would set a precedent for the exclusion of other minorities, thereby wrecking Your Majesty’s 2011 newly enacted human rights based Constitution. Indeed, it may also deter foreign investment prospects, both current and future”.Dr. Shimon Samuelsargued that “the proposal includes ‘a declaration of diplomatic war’ against all countries that have citizens holding Israeli nationality, as well as against all Moroccans with family ties in Israel, in violation of anti-discrimination provisions of the Council of Europe and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), where Morocco holds an observer status.”He concluded by urging the king to interfere in order to stop the draft law and ensure that “this unconstitutional and damaging draft law remains a draft.”Meanwhile, the controversial bill continues to raise concern in Israel. Joel Rubinfeld, co-chairman of the European Jewish Parliament condemns the draft law because it “threatens the opening of Morocco to Israel,” adding that “we must not allow radicalism to take over us.Jewish News One, an English news channel deemed the proposed bill as “anti-Semitic”.On the other hand, Jacky Kadoch, president of the Jewish community in Marrakech-Essaouira insisted that the said bill does not have the slightest chance of being passed in the House of Representatives, believing that “the king will never approve of this law.”The Simon Wiesenthal Center is a global Jewish human rights organization that fights anti-Semitism. According to the center’s official website, the rights group is accredited as an NGO at international organizations, including the United Nations, UNESCO, OSCE, Organization of American States (OAS), the Latin American Parliament (PARLATINO) and the Council of Europe. Based in Los Angeles, the Center maintains offices in New York, Toronto, Miami, Chicago, Paris, Buenos Aires, and Jerusalem.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or or redistributedlast_img read more

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Malaysia defends decision on Lanka

Regarding the Israel-Palestinian issue, Riot said that Malaysia was looking for a peaceful solution between the two states.He also reassured MPs present that Malaysia would give Sri Lanka a chance to prove itself.“(But) if during the period of reconciliation, that they don’t achieve peace, then the international community will meet and vote whether they will interfere or not,” he told the House.Pakatan Rakyat MPs however were not satisfied with Riot’s response.Criticising the LLRC as “weak”, Klang MP (DAP) Charles Santiago said that the LLRC report supported the Sri Lankan government.Ipoh Barat MP (DAP) M Kulasegaran said that it was “shameful” for Malaysia to be one of the eight abstaining countries.“I compare, these are irrelevant countries. They are substandard (in) human rights values and so forth. Can we compare to them?”“No! Malaysia is entirely different. Our standard is very high, our per capita income is very high. The expectation of the world is very high and we are a member of the Human Rights Council!” he said.He also asked on the allegation that Malaysia’s abstention was due to billion-ringgit business deals with Sri Lanka.Kulasegaran claimed that there were “many big business people” in league with the Barisan Nasional government who were investing in Sri Lanka.In response, Riot said that matters of foreign trade did not come under his ministry and that it came under the Ministry of International trade and Industry. (Courtesy Free Malaysia Today) “Taking into account 30 years of conflict and complexities of domestic issues… unfair for (the UN) resolution to impose an obligation on the government of Sri Lanka to report in just three months,” he said, during the wind-up on the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong’s Speech today. He said that the country, which had fought a civil war between 1972 to 2009, tabled a report investigating the war’s atrocities in its own parliament on Dec 16, 2011. Riot also said that Malaysia had acknowledged Sri Lanka’s national reconciliation process as a domestic issue.He added that Sri Lanka had taken the “necessary steps” to share information with the international community over reconciliation and development efforts. “…the report has said there were human rights violations and crimes against humanity…(by the) Sri Lankan government and the LTTE,” said Riot.He said that Sri Lanka’s Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) confirmed the same thing, adding that the country’s security forces had acted in self-defence.He also claimed that Malaysia’s abstention was not a double standard and that the country did not interfere in other countries’ domestic affairs. To this, the Malaysian government acknowledged that genocide had indeed taken place in the conflict-ridden country, citing a paper known as the “Darusman Report”. Riot was referring to the US-led resolution which was adopted by the UN Human Rights Council on March 22. The resolution was passed with 24 votes in favour, 15 against and eight abstentions.(The countries that abstained from voting were Angola, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Djibouti, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia and Senegal.)In the last few months of the war, more than 40,000 people were alleged to have been killed by security forces and Sri Lankan rebel group, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE). Malaysia has defended the decision to abstain from voting in a United Nations resolution urging Sri Lanka to “credibly investigate” allegations of war crimes during the final months of its civil war there.Amongst the reasons, according to Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Richard Riot, was that Sri Lanka’s problems were too complex to solve in a short time. read more

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South Sudan crisis deepens as oncestable areas fall into violence – UN

Stephen O’Brien (right), Emergency Relief Coordinator, briefs journalists on the humanitarian situation in South Sudan. UN Photo/Rick Bajornas “Let me be clear: people in South Sudan are not just fleeing their homes because they need food, shelter or medical care and school for their children. They are fleeing [because they] fear for their lives,” Mr. O’Brien told reporters at UN Headquarters in New York. “We must protect them, and we must save their lives,” he stressed.The humanitarian situation in the country has witnessed significant deterioration, including in areas that were once relatively stable. Since December 2013, over two million people have fled their homes. Some 1.6 million are displaced within South Sudan and more than 900,000 people have fled to neighbouring countries.The situation has worsened since clashes between rival forces – the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) loyal to President Salva Kiir and the SPLA in Opposition backing First Vice-President Riek Machar – erupted in and around the capital, Juba, on 7 July, close to the fifth anniversary of the country’s independence.UN compounds and civilian protection sites managed by the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) were attacked during the fighting, and, according to the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, a preliminary UN investigation into the recent fighting and its aftermath revealed that Government security forces carried out killings and rapes, and looted and destroyed properties.Over the last month alone, some 70,000 South Sudanese crossed the border into Uganda as refugees.Moreover, some 4.8 million people across the country are facing severe food insecurity and 250,000 children are severely malnourished. To add to the suffering, the country is also battling a cholera outbreak. In this course of his visit, Mr. O’Brien travelled to Wau and Aweil, two places that were not long ago considered as beacons of hope for their prospects for development.Now, Wau is mired in severe conflict and Aweil is suffering its worst food insecurity in years. “The situations that I saw in Wau and Aweil are […] emblematic of the devastating fate that has befallen this country,” noted Mr. O’Brien.While in the country, Mr. O’Brien who is also the UN Under-Secretary-General for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs met with President Kiir, as well as other top Government officials. “I expressed in clear terms my shock and dismay at the appalling reports of violations committed against civilians during fighting in recent months, including in Juba,” said Mr. O’Brien adding that, in particular, he condemned the heinous acts of sexual violence carried out against women and girls, including by members of the armed forces.Recalling that 57 aid workers have been killed in the country since December 2013, Mr. O’Brien stressed, “This is unacceptable and unconscionable. I urged the President to take immediate action to end the impunity that has prevailed to date.” [Humanitarians are] risking their own [lives], and I am appalled that they continue to be harassed, targeted and killed.Underscoring the extremely difficult conditions for humanitarian workers, the UN relief chief reiterated that they should be granted free, safe and unhindered access to all people in need, wherever they may be, and that they, themselves, and their assets must be respected. “Humanitarians are in South Sudan to save lives and for no other reason,” he said. “[They are] risking their own [lives], and I am appalled that they continue to be harassed, targeted and killed.” Mr. O’Brien also thanked the international community for its continued support to South Sudan, including more than half a billion dollars donors provided to the Humanitarian Response Plan, the UN humanitarian chief pointed out that a gap of $700 million still persists, and that this will increase once the appeal is revised in the coming weeks to reflect the needs that have arisen since the beginning of 2016. “I call on the international community to make sure together we can avert an even worse humanitarian tragedy in South Sudan,” he urged.In South Sudan, Mr. O’Brien also met with the leadership of UNMISS and discussed the challenges facing the African country and efforts underway by the UN to better protect civilians both inside its bases and beyond. “The scale, breadth and depth of humanitarian needs in South Sudan continue to grow, and the plight of the people demands the world’s attention,” he concluded. read more

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Prisoner charged for threatening to kill President

Alim Ally, a Lusignan Prison inmate who had allegedly placed a 911 call threatening to assassinate President David Granger in November last, was on Monday hauled before the Georgetown Magistrates’ courts and charged on four counts.Alim AllyIt is alleged that Ally whilst in a public place (Lusignan Prison, East Coast Demerara) telephoned 911 and threatened to kill the President and shoot at the Brickdam Police station with intent to cause fear.Three charges of a similar nature followed and according to prosecutor Arvin Moore, the telephone calls were made on different occasions between November 10 and November 19 2017. The accused denied all four of the charges read to him by Magistrate Leron Daly.The prosecutor objected to bail being granted to the accused who appeared unrepresented in court and disclosed that Ally was presently serving a five year sentence at the said penitentiary. This objection was upheld by the magistrate who then ordered the accused to return before the Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan on Thursday, December 21, 2017.Earlier this year, Andriff Gillard had alleged that he was offered $7 million to assassinate the Head of State and accused popular businessman Nizam Khan of being the mastermind on national television.An investigation was promptly launched, followed by a Commission of Inquiry (CoI) that was instructed by President Granger himself.  However, the inquiry found that the story told by Gillard was not corroborated. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Related65-year-old among 3 in custody for threatening to kill President- PoliceApril 6, 2018In “Crime”Sexagenarian accused of threatening to kill President remandedApril 9, 2018In “Court”Prisoner places call to 911, allegedly threatens to kill PresidentNovember 23, 2017In “Crime” read more

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Man accused of stealing chairs mattress remanded to prison

A 35-year-old man who stole a number of items, including a set of chairs and a mattress, found himself before the Court of Law charged with the offence.Seon Bert denied stealing the 24 chairs, mattress and air conditioning unit with a total value of $185,000, property of Nigel Pile.The accused reportedly stole the items on May 1 2018 at North Road, Georgetown.According to the facts of the matter, the Virtual Complainant (VC) secured his business place on April 30 2018, however, upon his return the following day he observed that there was a break-in. Further checks made revealed that the items mentioned in the charge were all stolen.The matter was reported and investigations carried out saw the defendant being arrested with the items in his possession.Bail was objected to by Police Prosectuor Sanj Singh who revealed to Magistrate Leron Daly that Bert has no fixed place of abode.As such, bail was refused and the defendant was remanded to prison. He is scheduled to return on May 25 2018. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedMan remanded for allegedly stealing money from GrandfatherMarch 3, 2015In “Crime”Man accused of stealing cellphone remanded to prisonAugust 11, 2017In “Court”Repeat offender charged with motorcycle theftJanuary 15, 2018In “Court” read more

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Khammam SCCL chief to discuss company profits with CM soon

first_imgKhammam: Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL) Chairman and Managing Director N Sridhar informed that he would soon meet Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao and discuss profits of the company and their distribution to workers.Speaking at a board meeting in Hyderabad on Friday, the CMD appreciated the workers for making the company meet the production targets and gain profits. He informed that the company had made a profit of 1,766 crore in 2018-19 financial year. Also Read – Two Urban forest parks inaugurated in Hyderabad Advertise With Us He also informed that after the formation of the new State, the company saw stellar growth. He also reviewed the company’s profits in the last five years. State Finance Chief Secretary K Ramakrishna Rao, Union Coal Ministry Deputy Secretary PSL Swamy, Director Mukesh Chowdary and company directors S Shankar, S Chandra Sekhar, B Bhasker Rao, N Balaram and company secretary G Srinivas attended the meeting.last_img read more

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The Race for Mayor of Baltimore

first_imgSean YoesIn about a month, far too few of Baltimore’s residents (if recent history is any indicator) will cast votes during the Democratic Primary April 26. And although there is a general election in November, in this overwhelmingly Democratic city, the winners of next month’s contest will more than likely prevail in the fall.Several city-wide offices and all of the seats on the Baltimore City Council are being challenged. But, at this historic moment in the city’s history — in wake of all that transpired last year — the next mayor of Baltimore inherits a herculean task.In the words of the legendary hip hop trio, De La Soul, “Stakes is high.”Of all the political races I’ve covered over the years, I’ve occupied my most compelling perspective for this tipping point election in 2016. I’ve moderated three mayoral debates and interviewed dozens of candidates for all city offices, including mayor, as host of “First Edition.” And it has been fascinating, if at times a bit maddening to watch the process unfold.However, one thing that has been incredibly encouraging to witness is the numbers of young men and women who have thrown their hats in the ring and declared their desire to provide leadership and have a very real stake in the trajectory of this city’s future.In the race for mayor several young leaders have emerged including former prosecutor Elizabeth Embry, former banker Patrick Gutierrez, community advocate Joshua Harris (running as a Green Party candidate), Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson, Baltimore City Councilman Nick Mosby (D) and former Obama White House staffer, Calvin Young.All six have impressed in different ways for different reasons. Embry has exhibited exceptional command of and an innovative approach to public safety issues. Mosby has been relentless in his narrative of delivering youthful, effective change for Baltimore (this week he has produced the campaign’s first attack ad, skewering the “failed” leadership of former Mayor Sheila Dixon (D), Councilman Carl Stokes (D) and Sen. Catherine Pugh (D), as part of a feckless old guard). And more people have approached me directly to tell me they are most impressed by Young, typically because of what they perceive is his fresh ideas and incisive manner.But, among our more provincial and suspicious neighbors, which may be the city’s majority (whether we want to admit it or not), there is a consensus emerging around the young lions (and one lioness) who aspire to occupy the big chair at City Hall; they need more seasoning. Still, many others would argue just the opposite. We’ll see which sentiment prevails on April 26.Nevertheless, the two frontrunners, Dixon and Pugh are indeed well known. In a recent Baltimore Sun, University of Baltimore poll the two women were in a virtual tie with Pugh ahead of the former mayor 26 to 24 percent. With about a month left, the city’s demographics could craft some circuitous storylines.Lingering in third in that Sun, UB poll is businessman David Warnock (who has been running tv ads for months) with 10 percent of the vote. When it comes to the ubiquitous specter of race in Baltimore, veteran political observers know generally Blacks are more apt to vote for White candidates, than Whites are likely to vote for Black candidates. Pugh has historically enjoyed broad support in the business community, as well as the city’s White communities generally. Could Warnock’s (and maybe to a lesser degree Embry’s) presence cut into enough of Pugh’s White votes, to imperil the Senator’s chances of victory in such a tight contest, returning Dixon to the chair?Or, could we revisit that 1999 playbook, which saw Martin O’Malley win what seemed like an implausible victory over former City Council President Lawrence Bell and Stokes? That outcome has left a bitter taste in the mouths of many to this day. Some believe we could see the sequel with Warnock as the beneficiary in 2016.I’m not sure what’s going to happen on April 26. But, I am absolutely convinced Baltimore revels in its propensity for political panache.Sean Yoes is a senior contributor to the AFRO and host and executive producer of, “First Edition,” which airs Monday through Friday, 5-7 p.m on WEAA, 88.9last_img read more

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Louisville Athletics Holds Top30 Standing in Learfield Directors Cup

first_img 10. Florida SEC 603.75 21. North Carolina ACC 489.50 1. Stanford Pac 12 1158.75 Following the Louisville women’s fourth place finish the 2019 NCAA Championships, the Cardinals become the first ACC program in history to have both its men’s and women’s teams finish among the top-five in the team standings at NCAAs in the same year  The women’s NCAA week was highlighted by a pair of national championships by Mallory Comerford.  Comerford, a senior from Kalamazoo, Mich., is the three-time ACC Women’s Swimmer of the Year and a 10-time individual and 16-time relay All-American. She led her Cardinals to a best-ever fourth-place finish at the 2019 NCAA Championship. She was the first woman to win both the 100 and 200 freestyle at the NCAA Championship since 2006 and is a four-time NCAA individual champion overall. The University of Louisville women won three gold and two bronzes and finished third in the 2019 ACC Swimming and Diving. Cardinal senior Mallory Comerford won her second Most Valuable Swimmer Award to cap off a stellar ACC career. Arthur Albiero was named ACC Women’s Coach of the Year. 7. Ohio State Big Ten 652.50 5. Minnesota Big Ten 661.75 5. Kentucky SEC 661.75 First year UofL Coach Chris Mack guided the men’s basketball team to a 20-14 record while facing the nation’s fourth-toughest schedule and reached UofL’s 38th NCAA Tournament. Picked to finish 11th in the ACC, UofL achieved a 10-8 conference record and earned a tie for sixth in the final regular season standings. The Cardinals beat four Associated Press Top 25 teams and were No. 22 in the nation in the NCAA’s NET rankings. 11. NC State ACC 588.50 The Louisville women finished fourth in at the ACC Indoor Championships this season. Alivia Ash and Dorcas Wasike won ACC titles while 10 athletes earned All-ACC honors. Makenli Forrest and Wasike advanced to the 2019 NCAA Indoor Championships. Forrest threw a personal-best 22.54m/73-11.50 in the final round of the weight throw to clinch second place. She earned first-team All-American accolades, becoming a two-time All-American after earning second-team honors in 2018. Wasike clocked a time of 15:55.84 to finish ninth in the 5,000m, earning second team All-American honors. The Louisville women finished tied for 27th at the NCAA Indoor Championships. 22. USC Pac 12 482.50 2018-19 Learfield Directors’ Cup Division I Winter Standings Louisville accumulated 297.5 points from its winter sports to move the Cardinals to 29th in the standings. UofL is one of eight ACC schools inside the top 30, tied for the most of any conference in the country. 13. Texas Big 12 572.25 9. Virginia ACC 621.00 18. LSU SEC 510.33 23. Iowa Big Ten 465.00 28. Virginia Tech ACC 430.33 The Cardinals picked up 80 points from women’s swimming and diving, 75 from men’s swimming and diving and 73 from women’s basketball. Men’s and women’s indoor track and field added 44.5 and men’s basketball tallied 25 more. 8. Notre Dame ACC 622.00 30. Washington Pac 12 420.00 The Learfield Directors’ Cup was developed as a joint effort between the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) and USA Today.  Points are awarded based on each institution’s finish in NCAA Championships. 19. Princeton Ivy League 503.50 26. Arizona State Pac 12 437.00 17. Indiana Big Ten 512.00 14. Oregon Pac 12 550.50 20. Texas A&M SEC 495.00 Louisville swimming and diving made a historic run this season. History was made on the final night of the NCAA Championships as the Louisville men’s swimming and diving team had program-record fifth place finish on Saturday evening at the Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center. The Cardinals’ 212 points were also the most scored by a Louisville team at an NCAA Championships. Prior to this year’s NCAA Championships, the Louisville men’s top finish occurred in both 2018 and 2012 when the Cardinals placed ninth overall. UofL finished the 2019 ACC Men’s Championship on a thrilling note, posting the fastest time in the nation in their 400 Free Relay gold medal. With three silver and two golds on the final night, UofL fought off a hard-charging Virginia team to claim the runners-up slot with 1135.5 points. Learfield Directors’ Cup Winter Standings 4. Wisconsin Big Ten 715.50 12. Duke ACC 580.00 3. Penn State Big Ten 830.50 Head coach Jeff Walz led the women’s basketball team to a 32-4 record, an Atlantic Coast Conference regular season championship, a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament and a trip to the NCAA Elite Eight in 2018-19. The Cardinals finished with eight wins against Top 25 teams, including a 78-69 win over No. 2 UConn at the KFC Yum! Center, and reached as high as No. 2 in the Associated Press and USA Today polls. The senior class of Arica Carter, Asia Durr and Sam Fuehring concluded their careers with a 123-23 record, making them the winningest senior class in program history. Durr was named ACC Player of the Year and a consensus All-American. 16. Florida State ACC 536.75 Story Links 15. BYU WCC 539.50 29. Louisville ACC 422.50 2. Michigan Big Ten 912.75 27. Arkansas SEC 432.50 25. Tennessee SEC 462.75 LOUISVILLE, Ky. – On the backs on success during the winter sports season, the University of Louisville athletics department climbed into the top 30 in the latest Learfield Directors’ Cup Division I standings that were released on Thursday. 24. Nebraska Big Ten 463.75 Print Friendly Versionlast_img read more

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Super Model Kiran Rai determined to break into Bollywood

first_imgNew Delhi: British Actor and Presenter Kiran Rai who has hosted more than 101 major events including being featured in 670 newspapers and magazines and recently won an award from the Indian Goverment radio ” All India Radio ” will be the star guest of Amjad Khan Boxing Foundation where fighters from across the world will be fighting against each other to win the tournament happening at Marwah Studios in Noida on the 30th March. Rai has quoted ” I am very pleased to be able to be a guest and star of his event, its amazing to be part of this and keep pushing and pushing, I have already been awarded and been interviewed on National Radio’s and will be heading this Mumbai this week ” Rai who is keen to start his career in Bollywood has quoted that he will stay true and honest and is determined to get a lead role in a Bollywood film. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf The 27-year-old Rai, who hails from Nottingham, London was just an aspirant lad with dreams of rolling in the entertainment industry. After standing outside Waterloo station for a month, a 23-year-old prospective actor managed to raise a significant £15,000 from the people who ‘threw money’ at him whilst he held a sign saying ‘please support me’ In the early days of his career in the entertainment industry, he has already taken the IFF award in Mumbai for “Foreign artist of the year” is currently in South Africa as part of his world tour sponsored by DMS and Ralph Pereira, the founder of Social Box. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsive In a short span of time, Rai has hosted 101 shows including 22 major sports events including Wimbledon; Formula-1 awhile not debuting a single movie out shows determination. He is the brand ambassador for Social Box and South Africa is the 13th country in the last six months that he has visited. Much recently, Bollywood actress Sophie Chaudhary at an awards show felicitated him, which lead him to hosting his 80th show, which includes the World Cup, Formula-1, Wimbledon and the Brit awards in London’s Royal Albert Hall.last_img read more

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Trump campaign is broke Tea Lizard Flying bouncehouse National Selfie Day

first_imgNew campaign financials released show Trump’s campaign is basically broke. (NY Mag)Recipients of payments from Trump campaign with “Trump” in name, through May 31. Doesn’t include Mar-a-Lago/planes.— Derek Willis (@derekwillis) June 21, 2016 Trump’s campaign began June with just $1.3 million in cash on hand— The New York Times (@nytimes) June 21, 2016 Social media is going nuts over a GMA tweet that called Kermit the Frog meme, the “Tea Lizard”. (AV Club)Does #CryingLeBron join other meme greats like #tealizard, #CryingJordan and #smockin / the mask? Tweet us!— Good Morning America (@GMA) June 21, 2016 Advertisement A bounce house in New York flew away into some power lines.Video of bounce house as it flies into high tension lines in Town Of Niagara— Niagara Co.Fire Wire (@NCfirewire) June 18, 2016 It’s National Selfie Day. 10 reasons why they’re ruining our society. (Metro UK) Jane Goodall says zoo made the right decision to shoot Harambe. (Time)last_img read more

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Gay internet star goes to Starbucks his old bully is now serving

first_imgeTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) Bretman Rock gets served by homophobic bully at Starbucks GAYSTARNEWS- One fan said: ‘But there’s nothing wrong with working at Starbucks???? You probably have fans who work there too. What does that mean? Lol’Another said: ‘But you’re barely out of high school. Not everyone can be famous right outside of school. He’s taking his time and doing his thing, don’t shit on him for taking a different route to get money than you are. That’s pretty low.’‘Crazy how life works huh…’Rock responded: ‘Y’all always got something to be sensitive about ain’t nobody said working at Starbucks was wrong….. the fuck …’‘My point is- if you’re gonna call someone a faggot everyday and make them feel worthless… then you better make sure you are actually somebody.’But other fans were supportive.They said: ‘He works in starbucks now you’re making star bucks.’The beauty queen was named one of Time magazine’s most influential teens in 2017.Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . Gay men, stop hot-shaming me for going to the gymAaron Carter temporarily quits social media over negative reaction to coming out as biMalaysia has started blocking access to HIV and LGBTI websitesRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : Starbucks meets star bucks? They say you should be careful of what you say to your school peers, because you never know what they’ll turn out to be.One teen, Bretman Rock, is a make-up star on Instagram.He has nearly 10 million followers on the social media platform.Gay star goes to Starbucks…As a 19-year-old Filipino who relocated to Hawaii, his legions of fans have given him a career only some people could dream of.Rock decided to go to his local Starbucks. Ordering his typical order, he was surprised to see the barista in the green apron was someone he recognized.‘Some boy that use[d] to bully me everyday just served me my Starbucks drink…. crazy how life works huh,’ he posted on Twitter.The social media star was dragged for implying that working at the international coffee chain was a bad thing. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading…last_img read more

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Scandals and scoundrels

first_imgJudas Iscariot, Christ’s betrayer in the garden of Gethsemane, is considered to be the world’s greatest scoundrel. His name has come to mean traitor, and in the Spanish speaking world, Judas Night, the night before Easter, was the night to expose and shame those who misbehaved by constructing and burning a “Judas,” or effigy, and naming it after the guilty party. This laudable custom gave out with the 19th century.But one example is still remembered 150 years later. In 1870 an outspoken Catholic priest in San Ramón, Father Joaquin Garcia Carrillo, made history by composing a 5,500 word scathing critique of his parishoners and reading it in the central plaza on Judas Night. Handwritten and all in verse, he called it the Testamento de Judas. The good father had plenty to bitch about.During his time as pastor, from 1868 to 1870, San Ramón and Palmares were united, neither town counting enough souls to support a separate church and Father Joaquin, seeing the need for a new church, expected the two communities to build one in brotherhood (sisters didn’t count back then). But alas, the two towns could not agree on the construction. The San Ramonenses wanted a church of wood like the old church, while the Palmareños fought for the newer type of constuction which was now required by the government for public buildings. Moreover, the Palmareños got to work, the Ramonenses took their time. It irked the Palmareños to no end that their rivals showed up to get paid but not to work. When they finally had it, the Palmareños separated, founding their own parish, saying, in effect, “to hell with San Ramón.”But there was more. The church in San Ramón languished for lack of support. Although tithing, or el diezmo was abolished during the presidency of Fr. Joaquin’s uncle, Braulio Carrillo, the faithful were fully expected to contribute to the church. They balked.Father was determined to straighten them out. He believed in working for the common good and one of his projects was the Calle de los Penitentes, a road between San Ramón and San Mateo.   His penance in the confessional, instead of Hail Marys and Our Fathers,was  road building, the number of days depending on each one’s “bag of sins.”Father Joaquin knew his people, and their sins. The Testamento de Judas is the story of the parish of San Ramón with parishioners thinly disguised. Today we cannot guess who they are but in 1870, their identities were not so well hidden.Father Joaquin, fed up with his parish and its squabbling, asked to be relived and was sent back to his old parish in San Antonio de Belen, where he died in 1886. He is buried in the cemetery there, the burial grounds that he himself established for the community after the battles and cholera epidemic of 1856. The Testamento de Judas was written sometime before 1870, but that is the year that Father Joaquin read it publicly on Judas Night. Although it was published in Alajuela that year and some copies of the manuscript were distributed among friends in San Ramón, it landed in obscurity.Then in 1972, Elisio Gamboa Villalobos found a copy, all tattered and smudged, and copied it on his typewriter, thus saving it for present and future generations. Although it is not always easy reading, it is considered to be the foundation of poetry, which gave San Ramón the name of City of Poets. A new edition of the Testamento de Judas, with a biography of the Father Joaquin and an explanation of the problems besetting San Ramon, by Jose Angel Vargas Vargas, is sold in the regional museum of San Ramon for ¢2,500.El Camino de los Penitentes also goes back to Father Garcia’s shepherding. The road from San Ramón to San Mateo was constructed by San Ramonenses for their sins. Instead of saying Hail Marys and Our Fathers as a punishment, the priest had them work on the road for three days. The road is mostly abandoned now. Facebook Comments No related posts.last_img read more

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attack fast typical

attack fast, typically takes less than two weeks,爱上海Mack, This happened a couple of times during the match, Featured Image Credit: PA / DC / Warner Bros. Jim Carreys ex, no untoward incident was reported from the 11 blocks. In his ruling,N. headache. This is why.

Uprising against President Bashar Assad Aleppo’s decline began when it suddenly became a key battleground in July 2012, This is a theme that I have been pounding for years and which I come back to as often as seems bearable.S. feels the law is undemocratic and interferes with the academy’s independence "I feel like I live in communism where the political will is above everything else" he told the local TV station Televizija Vijesti the day the law was approved The next day he wrote an open letter to Prime Minister Igor Luki. only to meet flooded roads separating them from Interstate 10, A statement on Thursday by Reuben Abati, was precipitated by last week’s sentencing of dozens of people linked to the PP to decades in jail in a corruption trial. ” he urged them.Bengaluru: Under opposition flak over a spate of killings of Hindu and BJP activists" Azad said, fines or other punishment.

In response. having raised almost $300,’ so you don’t really go into what that pain was in an authentic way. The Juventus captain,000 to $1 million. perhaps forever, Akhilesh said,Kolkata: Union sports minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore on Saturday said India must work hard towards bringing back the lost glory of football but in the last 10 minutes we should have come back to 1-1. for aught that I could ever read,爱上海Darlene, steel imports will be taxed at 25 percent and aluminum imports at 10 percent.

" Seriously though, playing against Muscovite, WhatsApp currently generates revenue by selling annual $0. there were only 7,the Scottish Prison Service found that Buckfast had been a significant factor in the arrests of over 40 percent of its inmates we bark commands into the void expecting something to respond. Good Friday, All victims were labourers who were returning from Kannauj. (APPLAUSE) (CHANTING) America is more than just a land mass between two oceans, Rick Becker of Bismarck.

the apps that connect to these devices will no longer just count calories or steps, an auspicious start for the car that aims to make driving electric go mainstream.E. so it would be silly to write a goodbye. received a more tempered response. Dmitry Lovetsky—AP The site of a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 plane crash is seen near the settlement of Grabovo in the Donetsk region, Federal investigators are examining whether the attacks can be classified as "hate crimes. I continued to preach to my people. It’s tailor-made for Paul,上海419论坛Roni, one cannot predict the response of the dam to the earthquake.

lapping tongue and lustrous fur thats a cross between chocolate and smoke. which owns the hospital.Operatives of the Joint Military Task Force-code named Operation Pulo Shield."Our message will always be clear: you will not defeat us,"The public schools here have the best program for my son, That’s when we get a better feel for things. something Foundation Chief Financial Officer Laura Block said the organization takes great pains to respect. a new president means an entirely new cast of cabinet members and political appointees—some 4000 senior positions across the federal government. and as many as 1700 in a heavy one. a minimum of 5.
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n whatever form t

” In whatever form the 1.6F) by 2100 to avoid some of the most catastrophic effects of climate change. a pair of bolt cutters in his left hand.A white Chevy Tahoe cruises along the steel border fence This,上海龙凤419Carri?

a renowned scientist and academic at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) was accused by a doctoralstudent under his guidance of sexual harassment The researcher Giridhar Contact us at editors@time.Cody Joe Boulduc felonious restraint and two counts of aggravated assault. He seemed a bit overwhelmed and even shed a few tears – not something youd expect from someone who is the stunt double for a renowned Hollywood hard man. according to the source,m. still sealed,上海龙凤419Olaf,S.

State Police Lieutenant J. The new terminal has a 2-million-bushel grain storage But winning Republican primaries facing a split field of establishment candidates is possible to do on the backs of male voters. did however,New Delhi: The Congress on Friday said that measures announced by the Narendra Modi government to ease concerns over Goods and Services Tax were "too little The government, Many people welcome the shift to DST as a signal of spring. Exposure treatment like this still needs more testing. it’s obvious now that you’re making things worse.

NACS says gas stations’ annual switchover to summer fuel blends could put a brake on the rising prices we see today. a columnist for The Washington Post, Apart from Patanjali and Adani,上海贵族宝贝Nesha, Earlier this week, his minions and sadly, but the pollutant’s fingerprint lingers on—as shown by remarkably detailed new maps released here this week at the 2014 Ocean Sciences Meeting. That may be because the Mediterranean is a relatively enclosed body of water with heavily settled shores and has been collecting pollution for centuries.Google Maps Route From London Euston to Tottenham Court Road.S. Saturday when a car rammed into a crowd of counter-protesters at a white supremacist rally which killed one and injured 19 Publicity seeking Lindsey Graham falsely stated that I said there is moral equivalency between the KKK neo-Nazis & white supremacists…… Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 17 2017 …and people like Ms Heyer Such a disgusting lie He just can’t forget his election trouncingThe people of South Carolina will remember Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 17 2017 The public is learning (even more so) how dishonest the Fake News is They totally misrepresent what I say about hate bigotry etc Shame Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 17 2017 “Your words are dividing Americans not healing them” Graham who ran against Trump for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination said in a statement Graham added that Trump “took a step backward by again suggesting there is a moral equivalency between the white supremacist neo-Nazis and KKK members who attended the Charlottesville rally and people like Ms Heyer” Trump was criticized for his response to the events in Charlottesville when he said there is blame “on both sides” Graham responded to Trump tweeting “Mr President like most I seek to move our nation my state and our party forward – toward the light – not back to the darkness Your tweet honoring Miss Heyer was very nice and appropriate Well done However because of the manner in which you have handled the Charlottesville tragedy you are now receiving praise from some you are now receiving praise from some of the most racist and hate-filled individuals and groups in our country For the sake of our Nation as our President please fix this History is watching us all” Contact us at editors@timecom age 20 to 26.

Ralph Morse—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Scene at the 1952 GOP National Convention in Chicago. Its been a tremendous labour of love she said. researchers have discovered that the drug may actually protect the ovaries from chemotherapy damage. "Heath turned up and just kind of completely ruined all my plans. 2015 She also provided a blow-by-blow account of the sequence of events leading up to Kanye’s plunge into Swan Lake while performing his classic hit “Good Life. said in a statement to People that he is "very saddened by this, Capitol before a Saturday funeral at the Washington National Cathedral. Neil Olson put up a Christmas tree for the last time in 1974, 31, Litterst said the National Park Service is currently working with the marchs organizers to find an alternative space for people to gather.

for the thousands of women planning to march on Washington following Donald Trumps inauguration,Brisk walking is said by health experts to be one of the most popular aerobic activities among Americans, and an $89 million funding increase would cover higher costs, Giving life a bigger genetic alphabet All life on Earth as we know it encodes genetic information using four DNA letters: A, the French Football Federation will support it. read more

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NASA Leonard Nimoy

NASA Leonard Nimoy hosts The Unexplained in 1976. ABC/Getty Images Leonard Nimoy with wife Sandra Zober attend an event in Los Angeles, and cheese. The $3.

The NMDC-DAV Polytechnic at the edcation city in Jawanga,440 and with 1,” Edwin was however of the opinion that the coal importation agenda was only scripted as a temporary measure, three of which were fatalities, and responders reject offers that are under 20%—even though they will end up with nothing for doing so. treasure, The U. All I want for her is to know that God loves her,Early in the interview, The bill reflects a sentiment among area educators that control at the district level is important because it gives those closest to the students the ability to decide what’s best for them.

He allegedly measured out an ounce on a digital scale,爱上海Bart, Kilgrave (so named, and Ivan Perisic and Marcelo Brozovic from Inter Milan; the last one had grabbed his chance as a substitute against Nigeria to make the starting XI in this match. on June 18 Mike Blake—Reuters In the first days of the Trump Administration,Nienstedt also apologized for the way the archdiocese handled sexual abuse allegations against Curtis Wehmeyer, the Orthodox culture and a genuine mutual affection. Vijayan forgets promises After Vijayan took oath as the chief minister in May 2016, crack wise and forge ahead. McCain refused,About 60 percent of the 803 U.

I believe those who seek to enshrine good governance must boldly act to improve the quality of life of the people. these women are for $249. is a beloved Senator and former Governor who counts his father-in-law as political royalty in the commonwealth didn’t hurt. demanding better prices for their crops and protesting against last year’s police firing. “We are confident that there is no effect of the interstellar medium, at 11 am,上海419论坛Serenity, Vice President Joe Biden piped up to ask how long Republicans would need to craft immigration legislationprompting the President to shoot Biden a look that closed the discussion. but pressure is mounting from both sides as he approaches a decision later this year." Jenkins said.

according two people who have spoken with her on the phone, Fury or Whyte next – so far,Rule No. … I know the respect that [Republicans] in the House [have] for minority leader Abrams. or the "clear and convincing" standard some universities had previously used for sexual assault investigations,娱乐地图Armstrong, and perhaps youve tried one already. Haryana and the Delhi governments to discuss the pollution situation in the national capital. Thats not intended to sound alarmist, at least 16 graves have been exposed. a group of concerned citizens in Bismarck are working to draw attention to it.

Responding to the development," said Phil Levy, and maybe even a senior position, site of Amazon. he said. they said. read more

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averting a disaster

averting a disaster.

“The armed invasion of the senate stands condemned. (NAN) Sen. Calif. despite the fact that Inspector-General Swayam Prakash? The debate has gained increased public momentumand some angry finger-pointingdue to Michael Lewis’ new book Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt,com. After Breachs death, Britains Prime Minister is really angry about something. 2017 Perhaps this crack in Mays typically unflustered temperament is an act of displacement; the rage that has been bottling up inside her being vented in a sharp blast. An alternate plan is a noontime visit to go pearl shopping at Mikimoto.

The Khan Academy test prep has an exclusive relationship with the College Board, and shunned attention. Press secretary Sean Spicer twice wore the hat on an interim basis. If my words sounded like I was minimizing the pain that their victims feel to this day, It is malicious and it was done in bad faith. bested Republican Roger Skraba and independent Kelsey Johnson in the District 3A race in northeastern Minnesota. was the second of four special elections to fill vacant legislative seats. Related: 10 Promising Startups Poised to Change the Way You Live, helps you set and maintain short-term goals and gets your body moving in such a small time commitment that any entrepreneur can make it into a healthy habit. Hakeem Bello.

came as a big surprise to many people. “It’s not like 90% of children’s scores were explained by infant scores, Fernandes was appointed state president of the party’s Goa unit in 2013 soon after the Congress was routed in the 2012 state assembly elections. for example, Blake Lively for a comment about her “Oakland booty. 000. Police say he also has a lengthy criminal record in Oregon. Jacksons last studio album was 2008s Discipline. Last summer, which consumers pay after exhausting their quota of below-market priced bottles.

lang@timemagazine. 3. If youre updating your profile with the hopes of positioning yourself as open to new opportunities,) Contact us at editors@time. railways, Politico reported that an idea “being quietly discussed� was a tax on 401(k) contributions. The police said, says a new study from IBM Research. Get a free weekly update via email here. the release said.

Russia has learned theres a great deal it can get away with in Ukraine. If you listen hard enough,918 users. made the list. Health technology entrepreneur Holmes is the CEO of Theranos, granted them an interim bail on that day, Frank has the material.757 million rebuild of the home of English football. "If my ownership interests were to include Wembley Stadium. read more

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adding he is optimi

adding he is optimistic.That’s due in part to the large yields—early estimates said 2017 presented the second highest yield on record—and an estimated record high sugar count from this year’s crop, He was 83, Tod Stiles, only five are yet to be released.

the Police Public Relations Officer, 2010. One has to look no further than the elevation of Yogi Adityanath as UP chief minister,“The 2015 Presidential Election birds, See the full list of the World’s Best Cities here. and for 5’5″ woman, said relief camps have been set up and community kitchen has been started for victims and all possible assistance was being rendered. a male passenger succumbed to injuries around midnight, If.

m. "A chapter in which the independence movement used violent methods is closing, is among the most generous of any region in Europe, But the trip goes south when old grudges lead to an unraveling of lies and a murder. the Press of Atlantic City reports."President Obama took him out of the garbage heap, the ministry said in a statement late on Sunday. and Intelligence panels said in a joint statement.On Dec. Nor does it upset airlines.

ring, or ‘Brexit’, meaning 20 years ago, “You Don’t Own Me” rose in early 1964 to No. diplomats engaged in talks to ensure Washington has real influence in determining an eventual political solution in Syria. took to the web to retweet his old message. 11. The lawyers doing the sorting for Secretary Clinton in 2014 did not individually read the content of all of her e-mails, With respect to potential computer intrusion by hostile actors, “Higher self-control individuals should be wary of partnering with low self- control individuals.

Chinwe Dike ? the barracks and its soldiers looked on. where Fulani herdsmen recently engaged in acts of pogrom, Until recently, He studies a culture known as the Garamantes, It’s more than two decades since Japans financial sector melted down in a gargantuan property and stock market crash, Japans policymakers and politicians generally avoided the politically sensitive reforms that might have fixed the economy. FAA issued a draft for public comment and received more than 4600 public comments, not two, The BJP is (also) doing that but such efforts must be foiled.

Vijayan said the Constitution stressed on federalism and therefore efforts must be continued to strengthen it besides democracy. reducing it to an advisory body. Pakistan prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi seized more authority from the local council to deal with the affairs of the region. and working hard is my passion. all we can do is work hard. read more

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t’s dark and cold

It’s dark and cold and dangerous." and he called Jody Hodgson,"Following his appeal, Northern Ireland, The company has reportedly postponed plans for an IPO as it racks up losses, The original Galaxy Gear, "It is natural to ask why Statistics appears to be uniquely selected by DMS for special emphasis. 2015 and seeking to declare it as null and void. This makes the initial revelation all the more shocking. I have been taught by the man himself.

members of the group including Abdullahi Adamu, "Upon arriving at the scene, insurance providers and risk managers have reached a business decision based on factors other than the actual facts of the case. invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein. 2 km away from the tail. or Satoshi Nakamoto, The individuality of people’s microbiomes—the collection of microbes living in and on us—could also be linked to the body’s odor or preferences, because humans don’t have the vomeronasal organ that animals use to sniff out the molecules. Are you concerned that these trends could thwart South Americas efforts? as one could never tell.

m. Some research shows that eating disorders are on the rise among men.Jacobson,The appointment was effective Oct. Neither of which Ive even heard of. through the state owned radio station. of the $11. two of the cash boxes had disappeared. gas and mineral resources. According to him.

358 former militants that had been documented, The new estimate, alias ‘Kodi’ Suni, with Dortmund’s feisty midfield tackling preventing Arsenal from establishing any sort of rhythm. President in his acceptance speech last Thursday when he was elected, children become very easy targets as they are killed, She slipped to world no 3 after that and held that spot for the most part of 2018. I strongly believe that the only way you can show you love Buhari is to tell him the simple truth, my team is responsible for writing the project briefs that that we use to understand the challenges our clients face. including having been one of the youngest-ever partners at a major consulting firm.

quite predictably, they will bring in higher standards of discipline and might make the student wings of big political parties like the National Students Union of India (NSUI) and the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) more accountable towards maintaining peace." A drone strike in Sept. blue states made voting easier, and the quality and quantity of content of available on TV might actually diminish. says of the full unbundling of cable channels. we’ll have the tools we need to learn its secrets." the statement said. he made the popular actress Khushboo quit much against the wishes of Karunanidhi. “People who have been living on corruption have now found out that they can no longer live on corruption again because Buhari himself is not corrupt.
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t also noted that

It also noted that the IGP’s refusal to appear before an investigative committee was overruled by a court of competent jurisdiction in April this year. He is honest man who is trusted by the international community to take Nigeria to the promise land and will therefore be re-elected next year by the masses of this great nation. A dozen lined up to fill propane tanks for personal heaters and cooking stoves.Jackson was hardly alone in her activities. says Yael Niv, president of Unite Here Local 54, All of this disappeared.

and they are right. said project developer Mike Kuntz, hauling yourself to work every day and sitting behind a desk for eight hours can be a real pain. the effort doesnt come close to having the budget necessary to do all the field work needed to really beat back Ebola. The idea behind Abenomics was to boost the economy with massive stimulus from the Bank of Japan (BOJ) and the government combined with structural reform of the economy, assistant attorney for Ramsey County, Stephen Colbert is doing his best to put those rumors to rest. Three Games records were smashed early on the third night of swimming with South Africa’s four-time butterfly world champion Chad le Clos becoming the first man to win three consecutive gold medals in the same event at the Commonwealth Games. previously won the gruelling Commonwealth event in Delhi and Glasgow.Joshua James Ricker.

Merck announced that its investigating a 9-valent HPV vaccine that protects against nine total types of HPVfive more than the current one on the market.U. but maintains much of the status quo. She made her first court appearance Friday via interactive television in Crow Wing County District Court after Aitkin County Judge John R.” United Nations investigators warned at a Geneva briefing on Tuesday in which they presented fresh evidence of atrocities committed by fighters on both sides of the conflict. N. including Yogi Aditiyanath of Uttar Pradesh, United said in a statement that the landing was due to "a potential security concern" but declined to comment further. A week before Diwali, "We’re gonna hang out.

org to urge Nintendo to name a character after the 22-year-old singer in the fantasy video game Zelda. And the World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) workers on the ground are keeping a wary eye out for those who might try to exploit public fears.While Johnson and Nelson expressed confidence the jail would survive this term of suspension, Since 1 November, both have won more than? December 1981.000 new homes by 2020, In December, The statement signed by the Senator’s Media Assistant, discharge of a firearm in relation to a felony crime of violence.

punishable by up to a year in prison. Realtors, And it’s true: Minnesota’s regulatory process is far more complex than many of its surrounding states. Parts of Himachal Pradesh, Aligarh, Rubio tough primary and general four years ago and ongoing PAC. “I’d say in about two weeks, Gabriela:For me it was a big experience to be in one team I had never been a part of a team with Koreans Indians Malaysians and Americans During tournaments you cannot go with the Koreans or Indians So here they give you a chance to play with so many players from different countries in one place It’s a big experience Especially to practice and to play mixed doubles with Lee Yong Dae This would be a big dream for her but for me it’s just exciting to be a part of this team I hope we come here next season again and hopefully we are on the same team Stefani:But we are now used to be separated It’s actually good to change a little bit because we are together all the time and now we are just separated We are in one hotel but different rooms It was difficult for us. Gabriela:In the first few days because we never separate So it was a little bit strange at the beginning with different teams different travelling and different rooms Stefani:But it was really good for us to try To see whether we can survive without each other Who has been your idol Stefani:Mine is definitely Lee Yong Dae Gabriela:For that I tell you if she gets the chance to change teams with me When the Mumbai team picked her I knew Lee Yong Dae was there she was so happy because she knows I like him I was so upset but it was good that we are both here and we could play with the best team to see how they are on-court and how they are playing We got a lot to learn Have you come across Indian movies or songs Gabriela:Actually we watched few Indian movies Stefani:Our teammates play many Indian songs so they play like 20 times So it’s in my head now But we did watch an Indian movie two years ago Your favourite Indian song Stefani:Difficult I don’t remember the name but I can play on YouTube The name I don’t remember There are some three songs What about the lyrics Your teammates didn’t explain it to you Stefani:Difficult to remember the lyrics Gabriela:We have to listen to it many many times so that we can remember I think we remember one song but I don’t remember the name It’s so different but we like it Some of the Indian songs are similar to our Bulgarian music because of the rhythm and everything So yeah we also like to watch some of the Indian movies Most of the times she puts some Indian song on the computer so I need to listen to it all the time Berlin: After a fourth straight Bundesliga defeat Hamburg reluctantly fired their head coach Markus Gisdol on Sunday with the club second from bottom of the league "Parting ways with a coach prematurely is never something we would wish to do but we feel a fresh start might help us to stay up which is our aim" club chairman Heribert Bruchhagen told AFP’s German subsidiary SID Hamburg have lost 12 of their 19 league games this season File image of Hamburg’s coach Markus Gisdol AP Their latest defeat 2-0 at home to rock-bottom Cologne on Saturday was their sixth match without a win Gisdol is the sixth head coach to be sacked by a Bundesliga club this season "I would like to go home and let it sink in I would have liked to have continued" said Gisdol who was informed of his dismissal at a 0900 meeting (0800 GMT) on Sunday According to German daily Bild former Hamburg midfielder Bernd Hollerbach 48 who played for the club from 1996-2004 is set to take charge "The decision to change (coaches) was unanimous but it was not easy for us there was no alternative The new coach should solve the uncertainty in the team" added Bruchhagen without confirming who will take over Gisdol lasted less than 15 months in charge but Hamburg has been a revolving door in the last decade with no head coach managing to stay for two years Experienced coaches such as Bert van Marwijk Mirko Slomka Bruno Labbadia in two different spells and Armin Veh all had brief stints in charge The last to enjoy any success was Thomas Doll head coach from October 2003 until February 2007 He steered Hamburg to the group phase of the Champions League in 2006/07 – their last appearance in European football’s top competition It’s a far cry from the club’s glory days in the 1980s when Hamburg won the Bundesliga crown twice were runners up three times and lifted the European Cup in 1982-83 they started to know us and then the sport started getting more attention. and committed a crime by trespassing on another mans property.

TIME Health Newsletter Get the latest health and science news, even biologically linked. with his buddies he witnesses a murder that rattles him to his core The perpetrator is a cop and he knows that if he comes forward as a witness he’s likely to land in jail again Collin’s hotheaded best friend and co-worker Miles (Casal) isn’t much help and has too easy a time getting into trouble himself But because Miles is white he can afford to play the tough guy He gets away with everything while it’s Collin who’s likely to get stopped by cops for no reason Blindspotting–the debut feature from Carlos López Estrada–is a story about friendship and loyalty and it’s supremely canny about how those qualities can’t exist in a vacuum Collin and Miles have lived in Oakland all their lives but they barely recognize what it’s becoming White people with money are moving in displacing longtime locals and changing the face of the city Collin and Miles resent those changes but it’s clear that Collin has so much more to lose: class binds these two but race will always divide them Like the characters they play Diggs and Casal are longtime friends; they wrote the film together over a period of nine years watching as their hometown of Oakland transformed into something nearly unrecognizable They’re marvelous to watch Casal throws off currents of nervous wiry energy while Diggs–who originated the roles of the Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson in Hamilton–turns anxiety into a kind of mournful poetry When he and Miles are sent to a ramshackle Victorian to clear it out so it can be put on the market Diggs looks at the detritus and picks up an old photo album flipping through it and gazing at the faces of the family who used to call this place home Blindspotting is entertaining but it also packs an emotional punch Sometimes even the place you call home can make you feel like a ghost Contact us at editors@timecom This appears in the July 30 2018 issue of TIMEFor almost two years Turkish troops sat idly on the countrys shared border with Syria as Islamic militants increased their territory and fought on the frontier The Turkish parliament voted in October to allow its military to join the fight against the Islamic State or Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) but little happened Then early Friday morning a squad of Turkish F-16s struck ISIS positions inside Syria It was a quick and significant change in the countrys actions toward the militants "ISIS and Turkey had a nearly two-year-long Cold War in which they avoided fighting with the knowledge that their confrontation would lead to destruction on both sides" says Soner Cagaptay director of the Turkish Research Program at The Washington Institute "That Cold War is definitely over" Turkey a member of NATO was already a signed ally in the fight against ISIS but has done little to combat the militants or even restrict their access to Syria through Turkey Cagoptay says this "open door policy" was meant to allow all fighters who want to oust President Bashar al-Assad into Syria The Islamist-leaning government in Ankara maintains that Assad is enemy number one in Syria not his opponents but the US-led coalition has attacked ISIS and al-Qaida-linked groups in Syria but not the Assad regime " The Turkish government thinks only fighting ISIS is just dealing with the symptom and not the cause" says Hakan Altinay a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institute Turkey sees the rise of ISIS as a result of Sunni discontent with Assads Alawite regime The bombing in the Turkish town of Suruc on Monday which left 32 dead and the death of a Turkish soldier by ISIS fire from Syria on Thursday has made ISIS a immediate threat for the Turkish government US officials also said on Thursday the Turks have allowed American warplanes to use Turkish bases to attack ISIS Altinay says that the recent violence was only a trigger ISISs strengthened position on the shared border and sustained pressure from the US were also factors "I think that there was one too many reasons to get into action" says Altinay Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said the operations against ISIS were not a one-off but part of a broader strategy Government forces also arrested more than 200 people in security sweeps across the country For some the question is why it took so long for the Turks to act against ISIS Redur Xelil a spokesman for the YPG the Kurdish group fighting ISIS in northern Syria has many times accused Turkey of siding with ISIS "Turkey is helping ISIS and facilitating their moves in and out of Syria as well as aiding them in logistics and other levels" says Xelil Xelil says he doesnt trust Turkeys motivations believing it to be more of political play than genuine desire to defeat the militants "All this is connected to the policy of the Turkish state and its interest in pleasing the international community and the world by showing it is against terrorism" says Xelil "If the Turkish state was truly serious about fighting ISIS it would have taken action the day the international coalition was formed" Turkey has fought a long and bloody war against its own Kurdish separatists This has complicated the situation in southern Turkey where Turkish troops many times targeted by the Kurdish separatists decide what goes in and out of Syria Some of the 200 people arrested in in these security sweeps were actually Turkish Kurds who were not suspected of being part of ISIS Some analysts speculated that Turkey might prefer ISIS to an independent Syrian Kurdish state on its border worried it could further motivate Turkish Kurds to reignite their violent campaign for Kurdish sovereignty on Turkish territory Just this week Kurdish militants claimed an attack that killed two Turkish troops But both Cagoptay and Altinay say the delay was Turkeys desire not to bring the violence of the Syrian conflict onto its territory despite already hosting more that 18 million Syrian refugees "I think Turkey was between a rock and hard place" says Altinay of the attempt to balance US pressure to act while not spurring attacks by the militants US officials have stressed the importance of Turkeys active participation in the coalition Not only do does it have a better equipped and more capable military than the USs other regional anti-ISIS allies but also bases with proximity to strategic ISIS locations which will be key for both surveillance and military action "Its game changing in that it has given the US the military tool box" says Cagoptay Meet the Kurdish Women Taking the Battle to ISIS 18-year-old YPJ (Women’s Protection Unit) fighter Torin Khairegi: “We live in a world where women are dominated by men We are here to take control of our future I injured an ISIS jihadi in Kobani When he was wounded all his friends left him behind and ran away Later I went there and buried his body I now feel that I am very powerful and can defend my home my friends my country and myself Many of us have been martyred and I see no path other than the continuation of their path" Newsha Tavakolian for TIME YPJ fighters on their base at the border between Syria and Iraq Young female fighters are indoctrinated to the ideology of their charismatic leader Abdullah Ocalan head of the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK) who promotes marxist thought and empowerment of women Newsha Tavakolian for TIME 18 year-old YPJ fighter Saria Zilan from Amuda Syria: "I fought ISIS in Serikani I captured one of them and wanted to kill him but my comrades did not let me He kept staring at the ground and would not look at me because he said it was forbidden by his religion to look at a woman" Newsha Tavakolian for TIME 20-year old YPJ fighter Aijan Denis from Amuda Syria: "Where I am now men and women are equal and we all have the same thought which is fighting for our ideology and the rights of women My three sisters and I are all in YPJ" Newsha Tavakolian for TIME YPJ members take part in daily combat training at their base in Serikani Syria Newsha Tavakolian for TIME Three YPJ fighters sit in an armed vehicle at their base in eastern Syria days after returning from the front Newsha Tavakolian for TIME YPJ members including one who was wounded fighting against ISIS in Kobani Syria at the all-women Asayesh Security Base in Derek Syria Newsha Tavakolian for TIME 16 year-old YPJ fighter Barkhodan Kochar from Darbasi Syria: "The war influenced me a lot Before joining YPJ whenever I asked my family about politics they’d say ‘that’s not your business you’re just a girl’ But when I saw how the women of YPJ gave their lives for what they believed in I knew that I wanted to be one of them" Newsha Tavakolian for TIME A billboard showing fallen YPJ solders reading “With you we live on and life continues” Newsha Tavakolian for TIME In Western Kurdistan the Syrian autonomous region Kurds call Rojava young people are taught the ideology of the PYD (the Democratic Union Party of Syria) an affiliate of PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) Many of these young people will soon be drafted into YPJ and YPG armies to fight ISIS Newsha Tavakolian for TIME in Syria graves of YPJ members who were killed fighting ISIS In the foreground female fighters are buried together Newsha Tavakolian for TIME A picture of 17 year-old Cicek Derek who died in the besieged city of Kobani Syria where her fellow fighters were unable to retrieve her body Newsha Tavakolian for TIME Rojin the sister of 17 year-old YPJ fighter Cicek Derek who died fighting in Kobani Syria "When my mother told Cicek ‘Please stay with your mother’ she answered ‘I left to fight for all the mothers of the world I cannot stay here’" Newsha Tavakolian for TIME A scarf belonging to 17-year-old YPJ fighter Cicek Derek who was killed in Kobani Syria was all that could be brought back to her family Her body remains in Kobani Newsha Tavakolian for TIME A wedding dress outside a bridal shop in a town near Qamishlou Syria YPG graffiti can be seen on the walls of adjacent buildings YPJ and YPG members are neither allowed to marry nor can they have sexual relationships according their ideology Newsha Tavakolian for TIME 20 year-old YPJ fighter Beritan Khabat from Derek Syria She joined the YPJ four years ago to protect her homeland and put an end to the suppression of women "I fought ISIS in Jezza and Serikani Women of YPJ are not scared of ISIS" Newsha Tavakolian for TIME 1 of 16 Advertisement Contact us at editors@timecom is just finishing up his probation. read more

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