Can I be a big fish in a small pond?

first_imgFor six years I have beenworking in HR for a large organisation as one of many HR managers. I have beenasked to join a very small company as its first personnel manager. I’mattracted to the challenge of setting up an HR department but I’m consciousthere will be no other staff to support me. Is this a smart career move? Willsetting up an HR operation look good on my CV, or will the small scale of thecompany and lack of people management involved count against me?Peter Sell, jointmanaging director, DMS ConsultancyYour first consideration shouldbe what interests you the most. Moving to a small company could look good onyour CV depending on the scope of the role. You are  more likely to be able to contribute to the business and make animpact.Does status matter to you? Withno support you could end up doing everything including the filing. Or it couldoffer you a chance to build a professional HR function with administrationdevolved to line managers with scope to concentrate on more strategic issues.If you relish a challenge, thensetting up a professional HR function will give you experience of all aspectsof personnel and development. This should give you a list of achievements foryour CV and you should have no problem developing your career in either acompany environment or possibly into consultancy.Grant Taylor, HRconsultant, Macmillan Davies HodesYou must first establish howyour role will be seen to contribute to business strategy. If you are settingup an administrative function where you have little strategic input and nostaff management, this could reflect badly in the future. However, if the roleis part of the senior management team and viewed as an important strategic hirein a growing business, it could prove to be an excellent move. Moving to a small organisationoften gives you the opportunity to use more of your skills, more of the time,and to take a more strategic approach than you probably have until now. Setting up an HR operation is agood experience, but you need to weigh up the pros and cons on how the role mayprogress and how this will be reflected on your CV.Peter Lewis, consultant,ChiumentoThis will increase the scope ofyour role and responsibility. You will have the challenge of setting things upfrom scratch and developing and implementing a strategy for HR. How will this move fit intoyour career plans? Is this a long term move in which you will grow with thecompany, or a 2-3 year career stage, with a strong change agenda? Either wayyou will need to acquire additional skills and you need to be clear how toachieve this.Being the sole HR person isvery different from being one of many. Understanding the ways in which youprefer to work, perhaps using psychometrics, may well help you identify areasof potential difficulty, where you may well need support. Research the company cultureand be clear about what success in this role will look like for you. If youdecide to go ahead, work to establish a strong HR presence and review thesituation in 18 months’ time, when you should be clearer about your next careerstep. Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. Can I be a big fish in a small pond?On 30 Apr 2002 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos.last_img