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” -Additional reporting by Maya Rhodan The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. “Thereafter, improve our investment climate, “We wish to urge the general public to discountenance the claim because it did not emanate from Christian Association of Nigeria at all”, The board also wants input from faculty,Before Netanyahu, though, researchers who hope to write genes containing thousands of letters must laboriously stitch fragments together. the Minister of Water Resources,The decision to allow lateral entry apart from attracting varied opinions has opened up what former Cabinet secretary TSR Subramanian had once called a "perennial generalist versus specialist debate" Most of the IAS officers Firstpost contacted reacted sharply to the decision "The government’s reason to allow lateral entry is that not many IAS officers are keen on applying for central deputation but this is a lopsided view"an IAS officer posted in Chhattisgarh said "There is always trouble getting no-objection certificates(NOCs) from state governments It should be made public how many officers who wish for central deputation cannot opt for it because their state governments did not issue NOCs Regarding allowing lateral entry the problem is that there are certain rules and regulations that require time to understand How can we expect this from a specialist who will take three years to understand everything We also have to understand that UPSC has a very objective way of selecting candidates But in lateral entry subjective considerations will play an important role" An IAS officer from Uttar Pradesh pointed out that someone hired for three yearswith no security of tenure "will act very cautiously" "He will surely not be able to act in a decisive manner He will take at least a couple of years to understand the way decisions are examined and made within the system" the bureaucrat said "Such recruits will act in their own interest as they arenot part of the civil services and are hired on a contract for only three years" When countered with the fact that the ambitious Aaadhaar programme was implemented successfully under Infosys co-founder Nandan Nilekani the officer said Nilekani was "not a joint secretary-rank officer" "He had his own directorate He did not have to get everything approved by a secretary His stature was different" he said adding that mostministries seek help from consultants nowadays "That is how we use domain experts Given this fact I don’t think there is any need for lateral entry here" While most civil service officers are averse to the idea there are still few who support the decision The lateral recruitment decision also has supporters in various other fields Shah Faesal a 2009-batch IAS officer who has openly expressed his views on various issues in the past wrote in a tweet: "I totally support GoI decision to allow lateral entry of professionals at the joint secretary-level It’ll make the services more competitive and force the IAS to specialise New ideas will come in And the fun part is that those who couldn’t enter the IAS when they were young find a crack in the wall" Lateral hiring done right In the past there have been several cases where allowing ‘outsiders’ to head an organisation department or an institution — be it in academics or in the higher bureaucracy — proved to be a good bet The University of Delhi’s recruitment of Professor Achin Vinayak was anexample of lateralhiring done right as can be most when applicants are hiredafter their credentials are properly checked to add value to the organisation Professor Vinayak a former journalist was appointed the professor of political science and later promoted to head the department?

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created a blast of radio waves and alligatorMy 69-year-old uncle Henry gazed into the jaws of the Natural History Museums biggest celebrity7 million ($2 he could barely find time to visit even half the constituencies And invaders r worse Michael Moore (@MMFlint) January 18 But if you’re on the roof of your home defending it from invaders who’ve come 7K miles New Zealand stitched together an improvised defence in the third quarter but their attack remained ineffective In the 24th minute Larry Hryb did the honorsGood news for Microsoft Flight Simulator fans or at least I think it is: Dovetail Games the Britain-based publisher of the Train Simulator (nee Railworks) series as well as Dovetail Games Fishing just managed to get its mitts on the license for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator franchise The licensing agreement gives Dovetail the right to “develop and publish all-new flight products” derived from Microsoft’s technology and Dovetail says it expects to have something new to market by next year What that initial piece might look like is anyone’s guess be it a standalone product or an expansion to an existing product say a belated appendage to Microsoft Flight Simulator X — the last generally respected simulation-grounded release Microsoft put out before its ill-fated dalliance with free-to-play Speaking of Flight Simulator X Dovetail says it’s also secured the rights to redistribute a version of that eight-year-old game bundled with its 2007 Acceleration expansion by way of Valve’s Steam digital download service The new version will be called simply Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition Look for that to appear later this year says the company It’s not clear how Dovetail plans to adjust development-wise to the challenge of digging deep into the nuances of aeronautics and avionics Trains are hardly planes obviously so I assume there’s going to be some hire-on (perhaps ideally involving former Flight Simulator team members though now I’m speculating wildly) After the Microsoft Flight debacle for me anyway it’s as simple as this: If you’re going to make a simulator then make a simulator not something dumbed down or parceled out to broaden its appeal or sales potential Figure out how to make ends meet by catering to the demographic that your genre by definition appeals to When it comes to flight simulation or really simulators in general that’s going to be a niche and it’ll always be a niche and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that Write to Matt Peckham at [email protected] Bungie’s Destiny demos and beta are representative of the final game then Halo may have spawned a new sub-genre Call it “Halo-like” And Destiny seems like a card-carrying subscriber A few months ago at E3 when I asked Bungie COO Pete Parsons why Destiny felt so much like playing Halo I expected him to challenge the premise Instead he surprised me by embracing it While Destiny is clearly its own game with divergent gameplay ideas Parsons spoke of a Bungie DNA that flows through all of its games (back to the company’s Mac-exclusive Marathon days in fact) If you played the Destiny beta and you’re familiar with Halo‘s conventions those strands — coiling through the game’s control scheme and user interface — are pretty much unmissable So is the game itself if you’re paying even casual attention to the mega-marketing campaign Over the weekend running FXX’s The Simpsons as background noise in a vacation hotel room the lofty-sounding Destiny trailer seemed to crop up every other commercial break Publisher Activision doubtless hoping Destiny has even longer legs than Halo is clearly sparing the game no expense Here’s a rundown of everything (salient) that we know about the game in the run-up to its worldwide launch next week What is Destiny For the uninitiated: a first-person shooter that’s neither a single-player adventure nor a massively multiplayer online game though it combines elements of both Imagine to use Bungie’s terminology a science fiction universe that’s “alive” and which you can access while playing alone or with drop-in multiplayer companions By “alive” Bungie intends the game to be open-ended enough that unplanned events may occur though whether that means the final version apes Guild Wars 2‘s player-driven events model or something we’ve not yet seen is still unclear Plot-wise the game takes place several hundred years from now in a post-utopian period after an event that leads to the near-extinction of humanity You play as one of an elite group of “Guardians” a band of super-soldier warriors defending humanity from various hostile alien races When will it be available September 9 for PlayStation 3 and 4 as well as the Xbox One and Xbox 360 Is there a launch trailer Of course: There’s also a competitive multiplayer trailer an “E3 Gameplay Experience” trailer and a bunch of locale-specific trailers that highlight the game’s various planetary battlegrounds How many versions are there The standard version is $60 whether you’re grabbing the retail or digital version though GameStop’s offering in-game exclusives like an upgrade for the Sparrow (think Return of the Jedi‘s speeder bikes) if you order through them And if you preorder the standard retail edition (by 2:00 pm PT on September 5) through the Microsoft Store Microsoft will send along a $10 Xbox gift card and ensure your copy arrives by September 9 Let’s step through the special editions from most expensive to least The special editions each include the “Destiny Expansion Pass” which goes for $35 by itself and unlocks “new story missions cooperative and competitive multiplayer arenas and a wealth of all new weapons armor and gear to earn” as well as the game’s first two expansion packs: “Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below” and “Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves” What’s this I’ve seen about mobile versions Bungie’s released free companion apps for iOS and Android that let you keep tabs on your Guardian analyze your stats compare your scores and access the game’s forums Will the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions both run at 1080p Yes The beta Xbox One version ran at a slightly lower resolution but the ship-time PS4 and Xbox One versions will share the same 1920-by-1080 resolution (If you want to quibble over subtle differences in frame rates or screen tearing or rendering techniques you’ll have to wait for the inexorable Digital Foundry breakdown) Are the PlayStation versions really getting exclusive content Yes: a cooperative mission a multiplayer map class-specific gear two weapons and three ships You’ll find all the details here Can I preload the game If you buy the digital version yes The game is available for preload on PlayStation and Xbox stores now If you preload you’ll be able to play as soon as the servers go live on September 9 When specifically on September 9 do the servers go live This one’s a little confusing Here’s Bungie’s official word on the matter via Twitter: Destiny servers will admit Guardians as soon as it is September 9th somewhere in the world When you play is between you and your retailer Bungie (@Bungie) August 24 2014 Assuming no launch snafus (and to be fair that’s a bold assumption) the game’s servers should be accessible in the United States as early as 8 am ET on September 8 That’s no typo: according to that tweet Destiny according to the temporal logistics of the International Date Line (which passes through the Pacific Ocean) should be playable in the US by early Monday September 8 That’s assuming you have a playable copy of the game of course It sounds like you’ll need a retail copy for the privilege: Both Sony and Microsoft list their respective digital versions of Destiny as being playable “starting midnight PST” or at 3:01 am ET on September 9 How do you secure a retail copy prior to your local retailer’s midnight launch party on September 9 (in whatever time zone you live) You’ll have to make your own inquiries: As Bungie says it’s “between you and your retailer” How much disk space will Destiny take up The digital versions for PS4 and Xbox One list the game’s footprint as 186GB and 18GB respectively but that’s just the preload size After unpacking and the game pulling down any additional launch timeframe data the game’s footprint will be much larger On Sony’s official storefront for the game it writes “40 GB hard drive storage (or its equivalent) is required” That’s apparently the case for the Xbox One version too assuming this photo of the game’s retail packaging is authentic Will the PlayStation and Xbox versions be cross-platform playable Nope nor will PS3 players be able to play with PS4 ones or Xbox One players with Xbox 360 ones Each platform is a universe unto itself Do I have to pay a monthly fee Not to Bungie no but after you’ve purchased the game it requires Xbox Live ($60 a year) to play either of the Xbox versions And while you can play parts of the PlayStation versions without a $50 PlayStation Plus subscription the latter is required for “some activities” (certain game modes though it’s not clear at this point which ones) Can I play it offline No While Destiny includes the option to play solo it requires an Internet connection What about local split-screen I get this question from a surprising number of people about all sorts of online games: but no alas local split-screen isn’t supported Will there be a PC version Bungie co-founder Jason Jones may or may not have said no way back in early 2013 but design lead Lars Bakken told Eurogamer earlier this year that designing a PC version would be “pretty complicated” but that it “doesn’t mean it can’t happen in the future it just means it won’t happen right now” So not yet but maybe Is there anything else I should know Bungie just announced something called “Destiny Planet View” which uses Google technology to let you poke around the game-verse’s versions of Mars Venus and the Moon right now Says Bungie: While the experience only reveals a small slice of Destiny’s massive worlds users will be able to step through each area and discover useful lore gameplay tips and even a few hidden real-world and in-game incentives along the way And here’s the “Destiny Planet View” trailer: Write to Matt Peckham at [email protected] while speaking at the 2nd Convocation lecture of Elizade University,Matthews is charged with three counts of gross sexual imposition.

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